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Forehead Lift Surgery

Referred to as a “browlift”, forehead lift surgery can smooth out forehead wrinkles and correct dropping brows to provide a younger, pleasant appearance.  Hidden incisions made just under or near the hairline and wrinkles are lessened by releasing select muscles and tissues.  Then, the forehead is smoothed over by removing excess skin.  The eyebrows may also be elevated.  Recovery time ay involve swelling and bruising for seven to ten days, also itching and possibly some numbness which should diminish over time.  Forehead lift surgery is often performed in conjunction with a face lift or eyelid “tuck” for harmonious results.  For patients who do not require excess skin removal, ask Dr. Wong about an Endoscopic Browlift, a procedure which uses smaller incisions and has a quicker recovery time.  A laser peel can be a good compliment to a forehead lift or face lift surgery.