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Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty

Nasal Surgery (rhinoplasty):  You may have inherited a nose you’re not happy with, or have trouble breathing through your nose.  Perhaps the aging process has changed your nose over time, or unfortunately your nose has become distorted by injury or other facial trauma.  The nose is the most defining characteristic of the face, and a slight alteration may greatly enhance one’s appearance.  Nasal surgery involves sculpting bone and cartilage to reshape the nose.  When considering nasal surgery, select a facial plastic surgeon that is also trained and boarded in ENT (ears, nose and throat), like Dr. Wong, so both form and functional needs are addressed.  We want to make sure you continue to breathe well – or breathe even better!  Dr. Wong will examine both external and internal structures to provide you with a realistic evaluation of what nasal surgery can and cannot do.  After surgery, the surgeon may place “packing” (absorbent  gauze), a splint, or external bandages to protect your nose. These support structures will be removed over the course of a week or so.  Dr. Wong will monitor your progress over a few months until healing is complete.  Rhinoplasty can be combined with septoplasty to correct interior chambers and restore your ability to breathe more easily.  The goal is a fully-functional, natural looking nose that is aesthetically pleasing to your face.