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Vocal Fold Cyst

A vocal fold cyst is a fluid filled sac. This lesion occurs typically in patients with voice overuse and misuse. Cysts typically occur in the midportion of the vocal fold where stress of impact during voice production is the highest. Symptoms of a vocal fold cyst include primarily hoarseness. Other symptoms may include a sensation of throat discomfort causing the need for frequent throat clearing.

Voice therapy is the first line for treatment of a vocal fold cyst. If the cyst is persistent, surgery may be needed. With a patient asleep, a laryngoscope is inserted in a patient’s mouth to expose the vocal folds. A microscope is then used to enhance the view of the vocal folds. Specialized microinstruments are used to cut the vocal fold surface and carefully remove the cyst. This is a very delicate procedure requiring magnification of anatomy and use of fine specialized instruments for removal of lesions. Following surgery voice rest and voice therapy is very important.

If you have been diagnosed with a vocal fold cyst it is important to seek treatment with an experienced laryngologist. You may contact Dr. Sunil Verma, director of the University Voice and Swallowing Center, at (714) 456-7017 for an appointment.