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Fan-Gang Zeng, PhD research lab

Zeng Hearing and Speech Laboratory

Mission Statement:

  1. Conduct innovative research to understand hearing and speech processes and to manage communicative disorders;
  2. Create an intellectually rich environment to nurture next-generation scientists and engineers in hearing and speech research;
  3. Disseminate information to the general public and the targeted scientific, professional, and patient communities.

Research description:

Dr. Zeng's research focuses on the encoding of sensory information in normal and impaired auditory systems. We try to understand how simple attributes of sounds, such as loudness and pitch, as well as how complex sounds, such as speech and music, are encoded in the peripheral and central auditory systems. We address these questions by integrating information obtained from normal-hearing listeners, hearing-impaired listeners, and cochlear-implant listeners whose hearing is partially restored by electric stimulation of the auditory nerve.

Research Awards

Principal Investigator: Fan-Gang Zeng
Lead Unit: IR-7460 - Otolaryngology
Title: Tinnitus Treatment with Targeted Electric Stimulation
Total Award $1,856.473