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University Voice and Swallowing Center

Where your voice matters...

The University Voice and Swallowing Center is a multidisciplinary team that provides comprehensive services for the diagnosis and management of voice, swallowing, and breathing disorders. Our team consists of specialists of different backgrounds, all of whom are trained in management of common and complex disorders.

Members of our team are regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized for their contributions to the care of patients with laryngeal disorders. Our center is equipped with the latest, state of the art technology to assist in patient evaluation. We have recently updated our equipment with high definition enabled cameras that allow for an unparalleled view of anatomy. With some of the most sophisticated equipment available in California, we are able to evaluate, record, and archive patient studies better than ever.

Dr. Sunil Verma is the Director of the University Voice and Swallowing Center. As a fellowship-trained laryngologist his interests are in treatment all voice conditions include care of the professional voice, vocal fold paralysis, and laryngeal cancer. As a comprehensive laryngologist he also enjoys taking care of patients with dysphagia including Zenker’s Diverticulum and patients with airway stenosis. He is a recognized expert in management of patients in minimally-invasive office based surgery.

Dr. Roger Crumley is the chairman emeritus of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. He has performed ground breaking research on many laryngeal conditions and is the former president of the American Laryngological Association.

To make an appointment with one of our laryngologists, Dr. Verma or Dr. Crumley, please call 714-456-7017 to request an appointment.